May 6, 2019

The Syrian Civic Platform (SCP) observes with great concern the recent military escalation launched by the Government of Syria (GoS) and Russia in the Idlib southern countryside and Hama northern countryside, as well as the countryside of Latakia and Aleppo.

On April 29, 2019, a fierce military campaign began targeting the demilitarized zone agreed between Russia and Turkey in September 2018. The military campaign resulted in more than 100 civilian casualties, including children, as a result of explosive barrels and naval mines. Roughly 100,000 civilians were forced to flee northward on the Turkish border. Four health facilities were also destroyed.

The SCP considers this military action in densely populated areas a serious escalation that undermines the peace efforts in Syria.

  • The SCP calls on the guarantors of the Astana agreements to fulfill their commitments to the civilians living in the de-escalation zones and to put an immediate end to all forms of military operations.
  • It urges the United Nations Security Council to convene an emergency meeting to take urgent measures to aprotect civilians from violence in all Syrian regions, particularly in north-western Syria.
  • It appeals to the United Nations, international organizations and Governments concerned with Syrian issue to intensify their efforts for an immediate humanitarian response to the needs of the displaced and to provide basic health and humanitarian care to them.