An Appeal; Humanitarian Support request for Northwestern Syria

February 12, 2020

The current winter season has not been normal or a regular season for Syrians in the Northwest region of the country. Not only was there relentless snow and rain storms, simulatenously the people of the Northwest had to endure large and severe military campaigns launched by Syrian regime forces with their Russian and Iranian allies placed in the Northwest. The campaign has lasted for two months and has created a wave of displacement along the Syrian-Turkish border amounting up to almost 700,000 Syrians uprooted from their homes. This large scale forced migration, at a historical high, has resulted in overcrowding in temporary settlement locations. Tents have become one of the most important needs for IDP’s who are in threat of getting sick, or worse, dying being vulnerable in the open air with the severity of snow and harsh winter conditions.

The current humanitarian response has been minimal and modest given the large scale of disaster these military campaigns have caused. The number of displaced people who still need help continues to rise and not enough effort has been made to accomodate these vulnerable populations.

The displaced people located in Northwest Syria need immediate support with the following: shelter, heating, electricty, basic food and food supplies, medical services.

The Syrian Civic Platform urgently requests the international community and the United Nations to press the Syrian regime to stop their military campaign, and provide support with basic living necessities for nearly two million needy people in Northwest Syria.