The whole world has been witnessing, seemingly without concern, a series of unlawful processes of forced displacement that have been taking place in all areas out of Syrian government control. The most recent of these forced displacements took place in the Damascus countryside as well as Homs northern countryside. The populations in those locations have been pressured by excessive military force to leave their homes and move towards unstable and unsafe areas, in which the minimum requirements of a dignified life are unavailable due to the low level of services provided, as well as the large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) which is estimated to be roughly one million.

Buses loaded with IDPs arrive in Hama northern countryside, which is under control of the opposition armed groups. IDPs are being left on the frontlines, in the open air, in places not appropriately equipped to provide shelters for those new arrivals. Medical and relief services are almost unavailable.

There are roughly one million IDPs in the villages and towns of Idlib province in addition to the overcrowded IDP camps. They need urgent medical and relief assistance, especially after their tents were recently flooded.

The Syrian Civic Platform (SCP) calls on the international community as well as local and international humanitarian organizations to intensify their efforts to provide humanitarian assistance for IDPs and to respond quickly to the calls of civilians who have been forced to leave their areas.

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