The logic of military power has dominated Syria for nearly seven years.  All parties aim to improve their political and military gains at the expense of civilians in different areas of Syria. This dynamic has again made clear through recent events. The Syrian government has adopted a policy of systematic forced displacement in all areas beyond its control alongside its practice of excessive military force. These operations are being carried out with the full support of the Syrian government’s allies, in the face of the international community’s silence and, in some instances, the participation of the United Nations in facilitating certain agreements and facilitating the transfer of populations.

This position paper attempts to shed light on the situation of the civilians who were forcefully displaced from Eastern Ghouta following the military campaign carried out by the Syrian government and its ally, Russia.  It also discusses the humanitarian situation of these civilians who were either forcefully displaced or allowed to stay in accommodation centers or inside Eastern Ghouta after the Syrian government entered the area. Furthermore, the paper highlights the fears of internally displaced persons (IDPs) after the Syrian government seized the area, while providing a legal analysis of the violations that occurred in Eastern Ghouta according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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