In recent weeks Aleppo has witnessed unprecedented violence that has claimed the lives of dozens of civilians, in addition to the destruction of the infrastructure of the city from hospitals and furnaces to the targeting the headquarters of civil organizations.
It has become clear to everyone that the International Community no longer cares for the values of humanity and morals- the news of massacres accompanied by hundreds of images and videos continue without any action by the International Community and its inability to stop the violations against Syrians.
All this violence has pushed Syrians to distrust the human and moral values advocated by the International Community.
Contrary to the recommendations of civil society and the UN resolutions, civilians are being targeted with all kinds of internationally banned weapons such as grenades, thermal phosphorous bombs and cluster bombs by the Syrian regime and Russian aircrafts.
Instead of working to break the siege of besieged areas, the city of Aleppo is deliberately being besieged more than any time before. This is flagrant breach of the UN resolution 2254 in order to undermine the foundations of a political solution.
Civic organizations were not in isolation from the shelling, for example, on June 13, 2016 the Union of the Rebels of Aleppo was targeted, and also on June 27, 2016 the warehouses of the Big Heart Organization were targeted. These two organizations are considered one of the key elements of the Platform of Aleppo.
The Syrian Civil Society Platform condemns in the strongest terms the silence of the International Community about these crimes and its inability to find real solutions. It also condemns the use of internationally banned weapons and considers using them as an encouragement of the offender to persist in committing the crimes.
We demand that the International Community assume its responsibilities and work to stop the use of these internationally banned weapons and to establish a just and sustainable peace.
We also demand from the International Community to apply the international resolutions issued by the Security Council.
And finally we demand to start a special investigation about targeting the civil facilities and the headquarters of the organizations mentioned above.

البيان بالانكليزي