Analysis of the poll’s results
The Syrian Civil Society Platform has launched a poll with two questions to ask a sample of people about their opinions on the negotiations and its resumptions.
The polling location received 2,026 visitors, out of whom only 319 responded to the poll, which constitutes 16 percent of the total number of visitors. From this percentage we can understand that those who did not respond have become pessimistic about any negotiation process because of the ongoing battles, bombing and violations.
If we analyze the results of the answers, we can conclude that there are some similarities between those who want the negotiations to resume and those who do not want them to continue, and between those who see that there are suitable conditions to resume the negotiations and those who see just the opposite.
We can conclude from these results that people will lose hope in the process of achieving peace because of the absence of clear and concrete procedures on the ground in relation to the political process. In case the negotiations take a longer time without concrete impacts on the ground, this will hinder the political process and result in more extremism.

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